Malibu Nature Photography

Malibu Nature Photography.

As a newcomer to this beautiful state of California, I have to confess, I really thought all of you were exaggerating. No place really has perfect weather all the time and is surrounded by so many fun things to do and filled with incredibly friendly and generous people, right?



It’s no secret that I love to travel and I love adventure, but here in California every weekend can be an adventure. We try to make it a habit to get to Malibu Creek State Park as often as possible. Above you see some views as you walk in the trail.


This amazing tree shades the perfect picnic spot. I probably don’t need to point this out to you, but this tree is HUGE. and beautiful. and ridiculous.


A fun climb if you are into rock climbing!

This Thanksgiving holiday we will be enjoying time with nature and family. Please be patient with my email replies, I will be away from my computer until Monday.

I hope all of you are finding something to be thankful for this weekend!


Liesl Diesel

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